Writing a string quartet usually consists

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Music: current count [] rated (+32), [] unrated (+8). Once again, a long, slow slog through Weekend Roundup links pushed Music Week into Tuesday. I wrote a brief summary/introduction Monday evening, and was prepared to post then, but figured I'd roll this post into the same update.

A string quartet is a musical ensemble consisting of four string players – two violin players, a viola player and a cellist – or a piece written to be performed by such a group.

The string quartet is one of the most prominent chamber ensembles in classical music, with most major composers, from the mid 18th century onwards, writing string quartets.

George Frideric Handel

The. Pizzicato (/ ˌ p ɪ t s ɪ ˈ k ɑː t oʊ /; Italian: pizzicato [pittsiˈkaːto], translated as pinched, and sometimes roughly as plucked) is a playing technique that involves plucking the strings of a string residence-du-pelam.com exact technique varies somewhat depending on the type of instrument: On bowed string instruments it is a method of playing by plucking the strings with the fingers.

Chamber music, music composed for small ensembles of instrumentalists. In its original sense chamber music referred to music composed for the home, as opposed to that written for the theatre or church.

Although any combination of four stringed instruments can be called a string quartet, the term usually denotes a musical ensemble that consists of .

Writing a string quartet usually consists
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