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Played straight inwhich mimics the bare-chested Spartan battle outfit found in Frank Miller's graphic novel. The Spartans do wear helmets and shields, however, which are shown to block several blows. In Battle: Los Angeles, the Marines' armor is ineffective at stopping the aliens' weapons, as the incendiary rounds they have burns right through them and they impact with enough force to.

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This movie is the biggest rip off movie ever, if you watched then you have seen this. February 02, i loved meet the spartans,the GTA part was the best joke they ever made,i laughed so much,i was crying with residence-du-pelam.comd times better then epic movie.i hope there is a next. Tags pelicula: Casi () titulo original de esta pelicula Meet the Spartans Ver online Casi () donde veo - Meet the Spartans en linea.

Si se pregunta donde puedes ver la pelicula Casi () online de forma gratuita con calidad HD tambien llamada Meet the Spartans por el titulo original, Aqui es donde puedes ver muchas mas peliculas online del (), El ultimo trailer .

Meet the spartans 300 trailer movie online
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