James patterson genres writing a cover

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Murder in Paradise

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Witch and Wizard by James Patterson

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Book Review: Swimsuit by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

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Never Never

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I will also say that I didn’t like the story, but thrillers are not one of my favorite genres. I didn’t care for the violence, and I also didn’t care for the big ‘theme’ money-makers.

But James Patterson has more stories to tell—and million readers behind him to help soften the blow. by Diana Page Jordan To a bestselling author, the words “brand” and “factory” might not sound like terms of. I think it’s a good idea to try different genres of writing.

Most of the time I read YA but every now and then I read something else like a great Walter Mosley novel or perhaps something by James Patterson. Reading other genres can inspire you just as much as YA can. That new trick? Writing a political thriller, teaming up with author James Patterson.

Jun 01,  · James Patterson Gives Tips on How to Kill Off a Character @GalleyCat 10 Book Marketing Tips from 2 authors, one traditionally & one indie published. @bkmkting 4 tips for writing children’s books by Alexa Elheart @bookbaby. Genres Images Writing eBooks Authors Books/Series Honestly wondering about James Patterson.

submitted 5 years ago by mariox However, I think the main issue here is: why the hell does his name take up so much space on every damn cover?

I swear, a young kid, I thought that each book was named "James Patterson" (I wasn't very bright).

James patterson genres writing a cover
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